The West said ‘never again’ but their support comes with T&Cs.

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History doesn’t repeat itself by itself; bystanders choose to ignore the atrocities performed by the evil perpetrators. I hate comparing atrocities to each other but in this case, it’s a necessity. The Holocaust didn’t happen in just one day, it occurred over a number of years. But, the West doesn’t care. It never did.

Now, I’m not saying the Western world must be the saviours but after centuries of Western imperialism forced onto the world, it’s time to do something useful with Western hegemony and help the oppressed, instead of sanctioning countries that they also cause problems in. If there’s no intervention from the West, the Uyghur people will cease to exist. Remember, it didn’t just happen under fascism in Nazi Germany but in the 21st century too. It is not a distant past but it’s very much our present.

Despite the difficulties of media coverage in the Xinjiang region, countries simply don’t care. Powerful mediocre countries like the US and the UK can destabilize governments, cause wars, take out ‘undemocratic’ leaders but can’t help in urgent situations like this. All the power and resources to take action yet we see nothing. This is nothing surprising though, it’s the same countries that say ‘never again’ regarding Nazi Germany or their glorified wars but comfortably sat on their high horses whilst genocides were unfolding in Bosnia, Rwanda, Myanmar, Cambodia and now the Uyghur genocide.

Trump enacted the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act on June 17th 2020, just 149 days ago. I can’t imagine the number of Ugyhurs who have been killed or tortured since then. But what now? In short, the bill directs the Director of National Intelligence to report to Congress on ‘security issues’ caused by the Chinese government’s genocidal acts on the Uyghur community in Xinjiang.

It also directs the US Agency for Global Media to report on Chinese media related issues in Xinjiang — extremely important given the totalitarian nature of China and finally, it calls for the US Department of State to report on the scope of this genocide. Mind you, these inept Western bodies, namely the UN, won’t call this a genocide because China is notorious for denying the human rights abuses and conventinely sits as a permanent member on the UN Security Council. Remember when dealing with capitalist countries like the US, they are certainly more concerned with their financial interests and potential deals with China, despite their initial trade wars instead of humanity.

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In traditional Chinese government fashion, their government declared this bill to be a malicious attack on China as if their actions aren’t malevolent. And of course, you have useless Muslim governments that support China’s actions. It’s a shame that some of your own people turn against you. In December 2019, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates came to China’s defence and condemned the US human rights bill. The math isn’t mathing.

In euphemistic terms, some may label the cultural genocide as a process of sinicization Let’s call a spade a spade and tell it as it is. It’s a genocide that is occuring right before our eyes yet nobody cares. Take the Rwandan genocide, the UN and US, being the white saviours that they are, failed to use the word ‘genocide’, which warranted in late intervention and could have prevented the persecutions and deaths of many. They were just bystanders and this is the same thing that is happening today.

The UN Genocide Convention, defines genocide as consisting of specific acts “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Mind you, China is a signatory of this convention. Genocidal acts also involve ‘causing serious bodily or mental harm’ and ‘imposing measures to prevent births’. Check, check, check. It doesn’t take rocket science to know that China is committing genocide. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Despite all the evidence and horrific videos we see online, China’s ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, denied reports of China carrying out a programme of sterilisation of Uyghur women. Despite Xinjiang consisting of 1.8% of China’s population, 80% of new contraceptives placements in 2018 occurred in this region. The population of the Uyghurs reduced at an alarming rate of 84% from 2015 and 2018! Uyghur women are forced to marry non Muslim Chinese men which is haram, forced to eat pork and drink alcohol, burn their Qur’ans and have demolished thousands of mosques in the region.

His denial speaks volumes because I remember watching the clip on Twitter when a BBC correspondent challenged him but still he denied absolutely everything. He was confronted with drone footage which showed Uyghurs being blindfolded and led to trains. He also mentioned he “did not know” what the video was showing.

We can’t sit back and watch state sponsored genocide happen and do nothing. China and the West are complicit. Although we cannot physically do much other than protest or email our useless Foreign Secretary and incompetent Prime Minister, what we can do is continue to raise awareness on this genocide, because that’s what it is — a genocide. The inept British government debated on the matter and as usual, it was full of BS.

As you grow up, you really realise how messed up everything is and the godfatherism in global affairs — I used to want to intern at the UN or even work there. Absolutely never. The same UN ‘peacekeepers’ that sexually abuse women and children in countries they are supposed to be supporting.

In a world where Islamophobia is rampant, Western silence is unfortunately expected.


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