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Sọrọ Sókè — speak up!

Nigerians are proud and we do everything with confidence. I mean, we are the largest Black nation on Earth, with over 200 million (probably more) in the country and countless Nigerians in diaspora. Now, we are using our voices across the globe to speak out against injustice. Injustice by our own government, our police who are supposed to protect us. Buhari and his government need to understand the world is listening and this will not die down. It’s far too long that Nigerian youth have been slandered, dismissed and…

Fifteen years ago, Hannah Montana launched on the Disney Channel. The show ran for four seasons and redefined the childhoods of many and, of course, boosted the career of now 28-year-old Miley Cyrus. We have seen how Hilary Duff and Raven Symone pioneered their own Disney eras with their individual shows, but Miley Cyrus set a new precedent with Hannah Montana. Whilst all three shows touched on the preteen experience in the early to mid 2000s to early 2010s, Miley had that added layer of pressure — living a double life as a major pop singer, Hannah Montana.

Thanks to…

The ills of Japan’s imperialist past — the comfort women

Content warning: mentions of rape and suicide

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As the abhorrent legacy of colonial rule lingers over many European nations, Japan’s rebrand away from imperial power is considered an exception to the historical rule. Despite this, the West is sparsely taught about Japanese imperialism and the detrimental impact it had on neighbouring countries, such as Korea, the Philippines and China. A lack of documentation makes it difficult to outline the exact number of ‘comfort women’ in total but it is estimated that there were 200,000–300,000 women abducted over Asia.

In actively…


In the beginning of the novel, a glass separates the protagonist, Fabiola, and her Maman who has been detained by American immigration services. She wishes to break the glass, the boundary, representing the precarious nature of being an immigrant.

Ibi Zoboi’s well crafted writing eases us into the novel, tugging on our emotions, and immediately creates a clear picture throughout the story. From the various first person accounts of Fabiola and her cousins, we are given an insight into the lives of other characters and thus, see how Fabiola’s relationship with each character develops.

Fabiola Touissant’s life is uprooted at…

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This article was commissioned for Issue 04 of Akin Magazine. To see the full printed magazine please click here.

The term ‘Black experience’ makes me cringe. It is bold to assume that Black people have a homogenous experience. From the Black people across the entire world, we may share a colour but we are not the same. Within the colours we share, we share different experiences. Take me as an example. I am an Irish born Nigerian and I come from the Yoruba ethnic group and I wear the hijab. When I moved to London, I was teased for my…

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History doesn’t repeat itself by itself; bystanders choose to ignore the atrocities performed by the evil perpetrators. I hate comparing atrocities to each other but in this case, it’s a necessity. The Holocaust didn’t happen in just one day, it occurred over a number of years. But, the West doesn’t care. It never did.

Now, I’m not saying the Western world must be the saviours but after centuries of Western imperialism forced onto the world, it’s time to do something useful with Western hegemony and help the oppressed, instead of sanctioning countries that they also cause problems in. If there’s…

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What do they all have in common?

Okay, yes they start with the letter ‘M’ and they are men.

Cool, what’s next? Alright, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali were phenomenal Black Americans. Mansa Musa was the world’s richest man, who hailed from Mali. But, they were also Muslim. Notable Muslims that you probably may have heard of.

Throughout history, it’s one thing or another — your Blackness is not acknowledged, such as how Black soldiers were written out of history when fighting in both World Wars or how 13th century Persian poet, Rumi’s Islam was not acknowledged. …

Bang Bang Con, Dynamite and more.

The entire world could not imagine what this year was going to look like. We stepped blissfully into a brand new decade, not knowing that the coronavirus pandemic was going to crush our plans. For example, the cancellation of the Map of the Soul Tour. That hurt.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances with the pandemic, BTS has been consistent in delivering flawless content for ARMY. This is standard for BTS. However, this year it came with a twist. Although, it was not the exact concert experience ARMY desired — it was the next best thing. …

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When Billboard announced that they would be launching two new weekly global charts, many Armys and other fandoms were excited because it places international artists at an advantage or does it really? It doesn’t really make sense to identify worldwide streams but use solely Western music platforms because it’s not representative. It’s almost laughable, I can’t recognise the legitimacy of such a ‘global’ chart that explicitly excludes domestic platforms. Since when does a US company determine what is ‘global’ or not?

On the historic announcement of the Billboard Global 200, BTS’s latest single Dynamite, was placed at number 2 on…

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For those who are unaware of BTS, they are the world’s leading band.

Of course there’s a very big chance that you have heard of them but perhaps you don’t quite understand exactly why they are such a big deal, or how they came to be said big deal.

A crude summation of the seven-piece K-Pop juggernaut could be that they are a really popular band with catchy hits, who are huge on social media, with millions upon millions of fans, both in their native South Korea and across the world.

But as any of their dedicated fans (their Army…

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